About Us

Occutrauma is a unique organization that creates and delivers Occupational Stress Injury and Trauma-related therapies exclusively to the Uniformed Personnel and First Responder Community. Unlike other clinics we are trauma-only, formed in response to the increasing demand in job-related stress, natural disasters, an increase in public awareness, and changes in government legislation affecting the Uniformed and First Responder communities. Occupational Stress Injury has always had a detrimental effect for our public service personnel, but recently has become more properly recognized and is gaining increasing support from the general public, public services leadership, and government. It is not just Uniformed Personnel and First Responders who experience the impact of an Occupational Stress Injury, however. Therefore we have developed equally comprehensive and unique services for those either living with First Responders or those helping them, such as spouses, family members and friends. In working with and respecting these various communities we are also one of the first in our industry to offer exclusive groups, where we never place civilians beside public service personnel in treatment. We have decades of experience working within the various communities we serve and are proud of the results we help to achieve. All clinics and programs are not created equal. We invite inquiries from clinicians, service members, and community members alike regarding our differences and we look forward to serving you.