Our Philosophy

At the core of our Services Philosophy is a belief that Occupational Stress Injury treatment is a very specific, nuanced field in which even the most minute differences in delivery or in the match between client and their facilitator can produce substantially different outcomes. At Occutrauma, we take these minute differences very seriously, which is why we focus on only the highest, most specialized programs delivered by only the most skilled facilitators. We are trauma only and our team has many years combined experience working with Military, Fire, Police, Ambulance, Peace Officers, Corrections and Emergency Dispatchers. Our team takes pride in the work we have done and are equally proud to be highly experienced Occupationally-Aware clinicians. Whether it is the individual themselves, their family members, friends or colleagues there are many who feel that an Occupational Stress Injury is final and/or career-ending. It most certainly is not. Instead, we believe trauma is treatable and with time and work people can recover full functionality. Our team views trauma as similar to a physical injury. Like a physical injury trauma requires assessment (ex: x-ray), treatment (re-aligned and placed in a cast), the hard work to gain functionality (ex: physiotherapy) and most importantly time for all parts to recover. Like a broken arm, when it has healed it is actually stronger than before. We term this newly added strength as Post Traumatic Growth.

Lastly, we believe that in return for that which our Military, First Responders, Emergency Personnel, and others have provided, they should not be burdened by additional financial cost to receive treatment.  As a result, most if not all of our services are available to the communities we serve at no charge to them.

We believe that PTSD/Trauma can (and should) be more easily compared to a physical injury, such as a broken arm. …

Assessment and treatment are always needed but with time and effort almost all individuals can recover full functionality.