First Responder Clinical Network

First Responder Clinical Network

Professionals within the First Responder Clinical Network are specialists in their respective fields, leaders in their organizations and each has the experience and training to identify, support and treat the many aspects of an Occupational Stress Injury.

To provide the full range of services and options necessary to support our Uniformed Personnel and First Responder’s many professions, leaders, organizations and government programs are necessary.

We have worked diligently to create the Clinical Network and identify the many pathways required for our members. We believe that creating our First Responder Clinical Network of professionals allows us to ensure that when members require assistance every door they enter is the right door to find the full range of services they need.

The clinical network includes:

Occupational Therapists
Rehabilitation Therapists
Peer Support teams
Family support
Leaders from Police, Fire, Paramedic and so on
Integration Teams
Government services (such as Alberta Health Services)
and much more…!

Each professional in the First Responder Clinical Network is confident knowing their referral is provided to competent Occupationally Aware professionals. As the Network develops in scope and capacity, elements such as awareness, education and services continue to develop to provide culturally competent services across many different landscapes.

We see co-operation and the development of these relationships as key to improving services, improving work and community cultures and making access to services for Uniformed Personnel and First Responders easy.

We view the First Responder Clinical Network as an integral part of our team and services.