Uniformed Personnel & First Responders

For many public service personnel, an Occupational Stress Injury (or a diagnosis of PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can feel like it is career ending. The good news is this is NOT true. An Occupational Stress Injury or a diagnosis of PTSD is never a life sentence. For those in the midst of their struggles it may be hard to imagine or even believe but members can become stronger, more insightful and lead fuller lives following the completion of their recovery paths.  We call this Post Traumatic growth and their is allot of research evidencing this.

An Occupational Stress Injury can be most easily compared to a physical injury, such as a broken arm and just like with a physical injury assessment and treatment is needed, and with time and work the arm can actually heal stronger than before.   

At Occutrauma, we have developed all of our programs specifically for Uniformed Personnel, First Responders, their families and collateral professionals. Our services are Occupational Stress Injury only, and our team has many years combined experience working with Military, Fire, Police, Ambulance, Peace Officers, Corrections, Emergency Dispatchers and collateral professionals such as emergency physicians and nursing.

Our team takes pride in the work we have done and are equally proud to be highly experienced Occupationally Aware Clinicians. Recent research suggests that up to 1 in 2 (50%) of Uniformed Personnel and First Responders require additional support and services. It is the nature of the work you do, and your work can affect you.

Our goal is to develop services which affect cultural change across organizations and communities. This starts by having a place members can come, feel safe, have no reprisals either internally ie: guilt or externally ie: colleagues or others. All of our services, our programs and our values have been designed to create this.