Getting Started

We know there are many factors that go into a decision to seek help. Whether you are searching for support for yourself or a loved one the ability to discern between the numerous options becomes daunting and can quickly become overwhelming.

For us, “Getting Started” means just that. You have started looking for experts in Occupational Stress Injury for Uniformed Personnel and First Responders. You found our website, an easy number to call, have been provided the opportunity to meet, and have been offered a free screening assessment to get you started in the right direction.  We hope you will take advantage of it.

As a not-for-profit organization, our number one goal is to assist you to find the right treatment and the right provider. We ensure that everyone who comes to us finds the right level of services they require and are provided options to go where they choose.  You are not obligated to stay with us.  We want every door you try to be the right door to get you to where you need to be whether that’s with us, or someone else.

We want to be your best first step.  Our free Assessment is provided to demonstrate our commitment to finding you the treatment options that best meet your needs, regardless of which provider you happen to choose (although many clients will find that they do want to stay!)

Either way, we welcome you to take the first step with us and we look forward to speaking with you.