Return to Work – 6 Week Program

Occutrauma's 6-Week Return-to-Work Program

The Occutrauma 6 Week Return to Work Program is designed to assist members to gain the skills, confidence and determination to return to work.

Specifically designed for Uniformed Personnel and First Responders it has been built to address the occupational stresses unique to the profession. Combining Psychology and Occupational Therapy the member receives the required therapies to maintain stability during the return to work segments of the program.

Treatment is focused to stabilize the client through the development of key skills (ie: interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance) that have been shown to reduce clinical symptom severity and increase capacity to function within home, community, social and employment settings.

Core skills include:

  • Increasing emotion regulation
  • Enhancing sensory-motor integration
  • Decreasing symptoms of dissociation
  • Building resiliency
  • Improving anger management
  • Building interpersonal capacity
  • Improving attention and cognitive capacity
  • Mindfulness meditation

Return to work planning includes:

  • Cognitive skills assessment and training
  • CBT and DBT skills to develop anxiety-reducing coping behaviors, interpersonal relational skills and emotional regulation skills
  • Psycho-education on employment and health
  • Incorporation of a return to work focus into therapeutic planning
  • Cognitive skills assessment and training
  • Systematic desensitization and staged exposure for work site preparation
  • Staged exposure to work place and work site, with a planned gradual return to work
  • Developing a gradual return to work schedule ie: work-related activities conducted at the work-site

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