Proper assessment is absolutely necessary to identify which treatments are required, when they are required, and in what order they should be delivered in. While this may sound complicated it is important in creating the right treatment plan which directs professionals in applying the right therapies to the right problem at the right time.

At Occutrauma we use a variety of both screening and diagnostic assessments to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and what specific programs – and in what configuration – would be required. For instance, Occupational Stress Injury is closely linked to depression and anxiety, and people who have had a history of depression or anxiety prior to becoming a First Responder may be more at risk of developing an Occupational Stress Injury. Without going properly into the depression or anxiety, however, the First Responder can be at greater risk back on the job. Not only do assessments ultimately save time, they serve as valuable tools for accuracy as well.

Our comprehensive assessment process determines which came first and what therapies are needed and in what order treatment would be most effective. Our diagnostic assessments are provided by Registered Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Furthermore they are not limited to our clinic, and can be used wherever insurance providers or workers compensation boards require them.