Families of Public Service Personnel

The events and experiences of being a Uniformed Personnel member or First Responder can impact everyone around them: spouses, children, friends and other family members. Living with a member and experiencing the effects their work has on them can cause the spouses, children and family to develop trauma-related symptoms themselves. These experiences have been termed Secondary Trauma.

Recurring traumatic events affects groups of people, not just individuals. Family is always our greatest support in times of need. We rely on them for support and they do provide it, however long-term stress and worry about a family member has consequences. It does affect us.

At Occutrauma, we offer indivdual therapy, group programs, family counselling and family support groups which are specifically designed for the families of Uniformed Personnel and First Responders to allow the family member the opportunity to look after their loved ones as well as to better care for themselves.

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