Free Intake Assessment

As a not-for-profit, our primary goal is to help identify needs and assist members and their families to get the support they need.

Our intake assessment is a comprehensive screening tool that looks at and identifies many areas associated with trauma-related disorders. For those looking for more insight into their current needs and to identify the proper support path they require, we offer a free comprehensive intake assessment provided by one of our expert clinicians.

This completed assessment belongs to the individual and can be used to both find and work with the right mental health professional(s), whether with our organization or another.  And, as our team are all experts and registered with their respective colleges, our intake assessment is recognized as a clinical report which can then be accepted and used by any medical or mental health professional you (and only you) choose to share it with.  As someone coming to us for help, our first goal is to get you the services and support you need from the provider you prefer and our Assessments can definitely assist.

For more information on our assessments themselves, please see the Assessments page or contact us directly for a confidential and no-obligation conversation.