Individual Coaching

For clients who require less intensive services, have specific management or performance goals while in treatment, or for those who have completed their treatment and are looking for the next level we offer our specific Individual Coaching Services

Clients at this stage have typically completed their treatment, are feeling better, and now want to get back to living – or, the living part is handled and now they want to excel.

At Occutrauma we believe that human strengths such as courage, optimism, interpersonal skill, work ethic, hope, honesty and perseverance can be – and most likely are – buffers against mental illness (Seligman, 1998). More than that, however, we believe that those are not just coping mechanisms or buffers – they are necessary elements of a high-achieving, peak performance, and purpose-driven life.

More than just simple optimism and goal-setting sessions, our coaching programs include those created and delivered by some of the world’s leading positive psychology and peak performance experts in both military and civilian environments.  They require a whole lot more of individuals and they deliver a whole lot more as well.  

Taken in conjunction with or separate from any of Occutrauma’s other First Responder-specific programs, our Individual Coaching sessions offer 1hr-4hr weekly consultations for individuals and couples and can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 months in duration depending on both circumstances and need.

Introductory sessions for both individuals and couples are available.  For more information we invite you to speak to one of our experts today.