Return to Work

Return to Work research has shown that the severity of Occupational Stress Injury symptoms can predict a person’s avoidance of work (and the work place) leading to disability, termination or resignation. People who are not able to return to work experience more persistent stress symptoms creating a vicious cycle. For example, their stress symptoms keep them from working yet their absence from work keeps them from overcoming the injury.

While it is important to treat an Occupational Stress Injury treatment alone may not result in a member’s ability to return to work. When a Uniformed Personnel member or First Responder has endured repeated and prolonged exposure to traumatic events at work, they often begin to avoid work. This places great additional stress on them as they can feel as they have betrayed their colleagues, or their career has ended. Occupational Stress Injury symptoms then become more compounded and more persistent.

From our years of experience supporting members in successfully returning to work, we have found that a combination of best practice therapies combined with a specialized Return to Work program has demonstrated greater successes in a member’s ability to return to work. Our highly experienced team led by our Occupational Therapists has designed a Return To Work program focusing on building and practicing skills to assist individuals to return to work.

Services are chosen based on assessing the needs of the individual, their work environment, and their occupation. Member’s will work closely with the multi-disciplinary team and Occupational Therapist to develop a specifically designed Return To Work treatment plan. The treatment plan will establish client centered and Return To Work goals, diagnosis, functional capacity and identify areas of relative strength and weakness.

Services Include:

  • Psychology and Occupational Therapy
  • 5-week intensive group program with RTW embedded
  • 6-week Return to Work program
  • 90-day intensive program with RTW embedded
  • Integration Services