Occutrauma's TeleHealth Services

In remote locations it can be very hard to find experienced clinicians. The community may not have anyone, or the individual needing support services may have to drive for hours to get to the next town or city in order to reach them.

For these situations, we offer Telehealth Services. Telehealth is clinical therapy via the internet or phone to deliver health care services outside of traditional health-care facilities. Our preference is for video conferencing but for those who do not have internet services, for whatever reason, telephone therapy is available.

Our Telehealth serves includes an option for Telehealth Group sessions.  Telehealth Group sessions allow members to log in to our virtual group.  Members have the option of speaking, seeing other members in the group on screen or keeping the screen option off for additional privacy.  Those new to the group may opt to have the screen option off for the first week.  Following the first week we strongly encourage and advise members to meet the rest of the group via our shared screens.

Participants are those who live rurally and have internet access, web camera, microphone and speakers. Our Telehealth Group is specifically designed for rural Uniformed Personnel, First Responders and community professionals who would benefit from clinical and peer support.